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Africa in the World Cup: Building cohesion through the world’s most-watched sport

From Brookings, Africa in Focus blog (with Mariama Sow): The World Cup, which starts this week, is the most-watched sporting event in the world, having reached more than 3 billion people in 2014. This year, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tunisia will be representing Africa. African teams in the World Cup are rarely predicted to advance beyond the […]

In Good Faith to Trump Voters

It was around noon when the President addressed the bewildered nation. On that day it was most evident that Barack Obama would not be America’s president for much longer. Earlier that morning, a new man, Donald Trump, was elected by Americans to become the next president. A man who, to many, personifies an America that […]

White House Recommendations for the Second Machine Age

The National Science and Technology Council at the White House is preparing for the future of artificial intelligence. In its newly released report, the NSTC outlines twenty three recommendations for the federal government to stay ahead in the second machine age. The overall recommendations prioritize (1) staying in the know on developments and changing milestones in […]

Global Burden of Disease

A healthy population is a productive one.  Disease, malnutrition, sanitation and other public health concerns are central to the development of a region and to the productive capacity of a population.  With the advancement of technology, increased availability of drugs and improved governance, death by communicable disease has decreased and average life expectancy globally has increased […]

A Reminder of History

Reading Western news headlines on Egypt leaves me scratching my head wondering: “Are freedom and democracy really that simple?  What does history tell us, and are Egyptians required to repeat it?” In Jan/Feb 2011, Egyptians said no to military autocracy.  In June/July 2013, Egyptians said no to “Islamist” autocracy.  It is clear now in Egypt […]

Check the Record

Young high school students around the U.S. are increasingly interested in economics and discuss the economy more often, but are no more knowledgeable of the subject than they were in 2006. The Nation’s Report Card, released Wednesday, shows that the share of students performing below the Basic level of competency in Economics has declined, yet the increases to […]

Say What?

The right to express oneself freely and without judgment or fear is at the core of a prosperous and stable society.  No other right occupies this absolute core than the right to free speech and expression – the core of the core, if you will.  The right to freedom of religion, thought, movement, assembly, and […]

In Defense of Politics

Last night, re-elected President Obama put into words a defense for a true and vital attribute of democracy: politics.  He spoke of how cynics “tell us that politics is nothing more than a contest of egos or the domain of special interests”, yet people in various corners of the world are risking their lives “just […]

Bigger than Policy, Bigger than Religion

Peace, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness.  All religions and faiths are based on these basic moral standards.  When I heard yesterday and today about some self-proclaimed religious groups in Libya and in Egypt attacking the embassies of the United States in response to an amateur film made by some bigots somewhere in the U.S., I find myself […]

A Vision For Egypt?

Beginning in late January of last year, the soul of an entire population believed in its strength.  Hardly possible by individuals but righteously achievable among peoples, a symbol of all that is wrong with society in Egypt was defeated.  The belief that Egyptians have what it takes to build a better country and the determination […]

A More Perfect Union: for all People

On this day, two hundred thirty six years ago, America declared its independence and eventually its quest to form a more perfect union.  A union in which each citizen is endowed with certain inalienable rights, of which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Each year, Americans gather not just to celebrate the anniversary of […]