About Foda Record

The global economy is shifting in fundamental ways.  Societies and cultures around the world are advancing and changing as rapidly as communications and information can spread.  People are empowered like never before.  Our politics must reflect these new realities.

Here at Foda Record, we seek to better understand the economic, social and political challenges that we face today in order to identify the associated opportunities that will help us shape a better 21st century.


Karim FodaAbout Karim Foda

I believe people have the power to achieve whatever they set their mind to.  Grounded in reality, I am prudently optimistic. My background is in economics, and my passion is in the progress that we as a people are capable of making. 

In my role as an associate fellow at Brookings, I analyze various aspects of the global economy and macroeconomic policy in both emerging markets and advanced economies – see here for more on that.

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