This is our moment. This is our time.

Introducing Foda Record:

Human history tells us in no uncertain terms that societies change.  As civilizations around the world have advanced throughout history, political realities, economies, and ways of life have evolved.  In this moment of history – the start of the 21st century – we are living in a significant period of change and evolution in the story of human civilization.  The entire world today is moving away from an old global order into a new one, and the stakes are high.

Today’s world cannot continue to advance and make progress in the same environment that it had inhabited through the end of the 20th century.  Global institutions for multilateral cooperation are being called on to upgrade to the new dynamics of emerging economies and international security.  National governments around the world are at a juncture in which their countries can harness the opportunities of the new world we are together evolving into, or can fall victim to its challenges.  The spread of information, ideas, and people are faster now than at any other point in history – creating a fascinating environment for the evolution of culture, society, arts, and diversity in lifestyles.

The world today is going through its first truly global phase of fundamental change.  Great opportunities lie within the great challenges we face.  New opportunities to reduce poverty, strengthen societies, and promote freedom are available to us like never before.  The power of people is the only power that can shape the world as it evolves into the 21st century.

This blog is meant to discuss the variety of issues that we face in this critical period of history.  Issues concerning the development of societies and the evolution of global cooperation are important to identify and discuss to make sure we move in the best possible direction.  The only way we can use this period of change to steer the world into a more prosperous and free world is if we tackle its challenges and unlock its opportunities together.  What are the challenges?  How should we tackle them?  What are the opportunities?

Let’s set the Record straight.


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